Ariana Santos

Meet Ariana Santos

Born and raised in Long Island, NY and Fort Myers, FL, Ariana Santos has been performing for most of her life as a singer, dancer, actress, and musician (piano, drums, bass) with some modeling experience.

The performing arts has always been her biggest passion. Being able to evoke emotions and communicate with people through art is one of the most fulfilling experiences for her. Having taken a linguistics class, language and accent imitation is one of her skills. She has an active passport and love to travel.

Some other useful skills include the ability to swim, hike, kayak, ice skate and play softball with some experience with archery and shooting handguns and shotguns. She has quick memorization and adaptation, training in Kung Fu and To-Shin-Do. She is also Certified in Exotic Animal Behavior Training and Dog Training and intermediately bilingual-Spanish.